Teaching and Learning Materials 

for Xi Xi's My City

This thematic teaching plan on Xi Xi’s My City is targeted at local students in Secondary 4 to 6. This teaching plan was developed by Mr Pao Kwok Hung (a senior secondary school teacher of Chinese Literature, former Chairman of the Committee on Secondary 6 Chinese Literature Education of Curriculum Development Institute, and former Chairman of HKEAA Committee on Chinese Literature Education), and edited by Dr Fung Chi Wang (Member of HKEAA Committee on Chinese Language Education of Curriculum Development Council, 2017-2021). The teaching plan offers details of the learning focus and covers rich content, including literary appreciation, creative writing, suggestions for in-class activities, assessment design and suggested criteria for assessment, seeking to meet the learning needs in the New Senior Secondary Chinese Language and Chinese Literature subjects and facilitate teachers’ adoption in the classroom with the ultimate goal of enhancing students’ abilities to appreciate literary texts and write creatively

Lesson plans for Secondary lesson in narrative techniques

Secondary lesson in narrative techniques
(Only available in English)
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