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About the book

The short story collection Bison was published by Su Yeh Literature in 1980 and reprinted by Oxford University Press in 2016. An English translation of Bison was published by Renditions Books (CUHK) in 2016.

Bison includes ten short stories: “The Buddha Fish,” “Stone,” “Mountain,” “Wood,” “The Sea,” “Martha and Mary,” “The Hunter,” “Bison,” “An Indian Who Fainted by the Waterside,” and “Letters.” Some of the tales are about journeys into jungles and wildernesses, while others are Xubin’s rewriting of myths and legends. Her themes are big ones: the human pursuit of meaning and origins, the desire for communication and understanding, and the experience of loss and transcendence. These lushly imagined stories invent new relationships among environments, animals and people.


《牛》/牛津大學出版社 © Oxford University Press

About the author


Ng Hui Bun, Wu Xubin or Betty Ng (1949- ), was born in Hong Kong. Her pseudonyms include “Ng Ji Bun”(吳而斌), “Ji Bun” (而斌), “Ng Fung” (吳風), and “Sek Wu” (石壺) and others. She holds a Master of Science degree in Ecology from San Diego State University. In the 1970s, Hui Bun began to publish her short stories, poems, essays and translation in journals like The Chinese Student Weekly, Four Seasons, and Thumb Weekly. She was also a member of the editing board of Four Seasons and Thumb Weekly. Hui Bun’s major works include the Chinese translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea (1971), and the short story collections Bison (1980), The Collected Stories of Ng Hui Bun: An Indian Who Fainted by the Waterside (1987), and Watching Cows (1991). “Watching Cows” (January to April 1983) is the name of a special column that appeared in Express, a local newspaper. The essays were published in 1991 as a collection and reprinted in 2020 by The House of Hong Kong Literature. 

Message from the author

“Our growth needs both solitary reading and community contact, individual thinking and shared discourse. I think the One City One Book program, with its goals to promote reading and community engagement through discussions, exhibitions and performances, is an excellent project for our personal development.”

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Bison, Renditions (Link)

About picture book Yōkai and Manuel Marsol 

Manuel Marsol, born in Madrid in 1984, is an illustrator and writer mainly focused on the creation of picture books. He has a degree in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication. In 2017 he received the International Illustration Prize of the Bologna Children's Book Fair. The winning illustrations are part of the picture book Yōkai (Fulgencio Pimentel, 2017), which was co-written with Carmen Chica. The book was translated into Chinese by Ye Shu-yin and published by Locus Publishing in 2019.

Manuel Marsol’s homepage:

The Story

Every day, the delivery man drives his van over the mountains. Yet something has happened today. He found himself lost in the mountains. Where is the way? He cannot find it. But there is no turning back. And nobody can help either...


Like Bison, Yōkai explores what it means to reimagine our place within the natural world.


《山中》 Yõkai/大塊文化 Locus Publishing © Manuel Marsol, Carmen Chica

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Yōkai, Fulgencio Pimentel S.L. (Link)

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