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What Hong Kongers Say

“When the English department, at Sha Tin College, heard that The Arrival had been chosen to be Hong Kong’s One City One Book text choice, we were thrilled to take part in this intercommunity enterprise. We believe that literature can be a powerful, transformative and life changing tool, and by helping students to become more empathetic we are paving the way to a brighter future. The Arrival was the perfect text for students to engage with these principles. Our study of The Arrival culminated in all the Year 9 students attending The Arrival Exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Students were able to see some of Tan's original artwork as well as watch a short interview about his own influences, which students found very inspiring. The One City One Book team also provided students with a range of fun activities to support their learning.

– Ms. Alex Daw, English teacher at Sha Tin College



What Others Say:

“Coming from the USA, I think this is very relevant in any country and is very helpful for the local community to be aware about the immigrant struggle.”


“At this time it is critical to have art (nonverbal) that does not inflame but explains the need for ALL to live PEACEfully together.”


Using graphics to express the theme of One City One Book, which makes reader easier to understand, ponder and explore. It is a very worthwhile promotion. In addition to text, it facilitate readers to read and the beautiful art illustrations creates a spatial perspective.”


“The background of the story is very similar to Hong Kong and can resonate with Hong Kong people.


“I think that this event is very thoughtful and it definitely encouraged people to read more books.


“It's an activity that gives us better knowledge on different books that we might not have known about previously.”


“I think it is great for people to read the same book at the same time as we all have different opinions and can share then with one another.”


“It is a good event that motivates people in HK to read.


“I think that this programme brings together people from different generations to discuss and appreciate a variety of books.”


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